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Lao baguettes are stuffed with pate, pork, salad and chilli sauce and would have to be the best sandwich in South East Asia. This sandwich is generally a breakfast dish but we found it at the bus station and at various small restaurants around the centre of Vientiane throughout the day. For Nic and I it was our breakfast everyday.


There’s another iteration of the spring roll in Laos, the fried version. Equally available in vegetarian or pork varieties (and in Luang Prabang, chicken too!), the rolls are folded, deep fried and piled high in a greasy pool of awesomeness.

Internet Access

All our hotel rooms at the  Guest House offers free WiFi inclusive.


Mobirise gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

Houay Xai Riverside Hotel

" Located in Houay Xai City at Slow Boat pier, Houay Xai Riverside Hotel a gateway to explore the varied sights and sounds of the Northern region. With easy access to the mountains, forests, rivers, ancient temples and colorful hilltribes, many of the region's major attractions are within a day's journey from the Hotel. "

Houay Xai Riverside hotel &
Phonevichith Guesthouse
R3A Road, Ban Khonekeo,Houay Xai District, Bokeo Province, LAOS

Phone /Fax :  +856 (84) 211-765
Mobile : +856 (20)5548-3729

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