Is Online Gambling Safe?

Online Gambling is the act of placing bets and wagers on games of chance via computerised platforms. While gambling has been around for centuries, the digitalization of the world has opened the door to many new opportunities and ways to gamble. There remains some skepticism over whether or not gambling at an online casino is safe, but that can be put to rest with a few facts and understanding how these casinos operate.

While it is possible to win big from gambling at an online casino, it’s also important to remember that losses are a part of the experience. Responsible gambling practices include setting budgets and time limits for gaming sessions, not chasing losses and staying away from gambling sites that offer risky games. Some online casinos will even feature self-exclusion settings for players who have issues with addiction.

Like any industry that involves money, gambling online attracts fraudsters who are looking to make a quick buck from unsuspecting punters. Fraudsters can use a variety of tactics to exploit players and casinos, from multi-accounting to using stolen credit cards or IDs to gain access. These scams can cost operators millions in chargebacks, bonuses, and time spent chasing bad players. SEON’s advanced tools and dedicated team of fraud analysts help casinos fight back by catching fraudsters before they become a serious issue. This helps protect players and allows compliance teams to focus on growth while reducing the amount of time they spend running full document verification and KYC checks for fraudsters that could have been prevented with simple, pre-KYC checks.