What is Online Gambling?

Online Gambling is the act of betting money or other valuables in the expectation of a reward through activities like sports betting, casino games, lottery games, horse and dog races, card games or Electronic Gaming Machines (poker machines). It is generally considered to be an activity with a large element of chance. However, some of the games do require a level of skill.

It is estimated that worldwide, Online Gambling generates more than US$15 billion in revenues. The industry is under-researched and somewhat unregulated, but it’s a massive business that is poised to explode even further.

Gambling websites use sophisticated software to process transactions and make the games work. It also requires a computer or mobile device to access them, and an internet connection. It is important to know your country’s gambling laws before you start playing. Some countries have a minimum age of 18, while others allow you to wager as young as 21.

The average number of online gambling accounts has remained around three over the last few years, but younger gamblers tend to have more and use them more often. The growth of smart TVs as a way to access online gambling is likely to drive this up further among younger users.

Home is still the main place where people gamble online, but one in five report having done it elsewhere. More research is needed to understand the reasons behind this shift, but it could be that players are taking advantage of the extra flexibility that online gambling offers – such as being able to play whenever they want and from wherever they are.