Big-Pipe Approach to Casino Marketing


Casino is a luxuriating, immersive experience where patrons can test their wits against the house in games of skill and strategy. But there’s much more to casinos than gaming: a world-class hotel and spa, cutting edge technology, and even culinary and event space. To attract and retain guests, casino marketers must take a big-picture approach to their marketing strategies and tactics.

It takes more than free drinks and comps to keep people in a casino for long periods of time, and most casino marketers know that. They use methods based on human psychology to ensure their customers’ experiences are gratifying and rewarding, keeping them coming back.

A key element of casino marketing is leveraging word-of-mouth, and it’s important that your brand be a trustworthy source. Display positive customer reviews on your website and social media pages. Post pictures of happy guests and lucky winners to promote your reputation and credibility. Encourage your visitors to share their experiences on social media and tag your casino so you can monitor and respond to comments.

A major goal of casino marketing is to target group business and events. To attract these lucrative market segments, your casino must be visible in the search results of event planners looking to book similar venues or destination weddings and retreats. Cvent’s Competitive Ads can give you prime real estate for this type of marketing, helping your venue rise to the top of search results when planners are ready to act.