How to Get Your Casino Noticed Beyond the Casino Floor

A casino is a place where the games are fast and the action is high. While many people may only gamble on occasion, others may make it a regular weekend outing with friends or even family. Casinos have a lot to offer – table games, slot machines, live entertainment and breath-taking hotels and restaurants. And of course, they have security.

A friend of mine once got a job as a security guard in an Atlantic City casino. He told me that after his first week on the job, he had already been witness to so many slot machine cheaters soiling themselves and stealing money from other gamblers that he was ready to quit. In addition to blatant cheating, casinos are also constantly battling the forces of corruption and compulsive gambling. Studies have shown that despite the revenue generated by gambling, the economic impact of problem gamblers usually erodes any gains made by local businesses.

While casinos have much more than just gaming to offer their audiences, attracting them requires strategies beyond the casino floor. Whether it’s elevated entertainment and food offerings, events, or non-gaming amenities, casinos must think of new ways to attract these new and younger customers. The following tried and true casino marketing strategies are sure to help you get your venue noticed by the right audience.